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Ruby’s Recap: Fried Chicken & Champagne Secret Supper Experience

Updated: Jul 2

Hosted on the heels of Juneteenth, our Fried Chick’n & Champagne secret supper at Marcellus Farms was more than just a meal; it celebrated culture and community. The evening was rich with cultural experiences that kept our community at the center, creating a space where we could be fully immersed in the experience.

On June 22, 2024, guests gathered for the much-anticipated Fried Chick’n & Champagne Secret Supper Experience. Curated by James Beard Award Nominee Chef Jerome Grant and Food Network Celebrity Pastry Chef Padua Player, we promised an exclusive, unforgettable evening with culinary excellence and vibrant culture, and our guests would agree that we delivered.

A primary hallmark of our secret supper is the element of surprise. We kept certain aspects of the evening a mystery until the attendees arrived. Some attendees were shocked at how much we offered and prepared for the day. Between celebrity chefs, a surprise menu, performers, live cooking demonstrations, and fantastic music, we accomplished what we aimed to do, which was to provide a high-class event specifically tailored for our people to get out of their comfort zones.

We can't forget about the fashion element of the experience. Classy and comfortable, everyone showed up and showed out with the fits! Cowboy hats, boho skirts, cowboy boots, sun hats, and lots of linen created a beautiful afternoon filled with laughs, good food, and good people. 

You know we pulled out all the stops with the welcome, too! Guests were welcomed with champagne and an array of delicious hors d'oeuvres, including Fried Chicken Croquettes, Pecan Shortbread, and Watermelon Gazpacho. Our live art installations allowed attendees to discuss the pieces with the artists. In between courses, we hosted wine tastings in the lower-level cellar and included carefully curated cheese pairings. Our concierge team then guided guests to the cottages to continue their exploration.

Cottage Experiences

As Marcellus Farm is a beautiful estate with a manor and several cottages, we had to ensure that each cottage had something for everyone. Each cottage offered a unique blend of food, drinks, and entertainment. There was a caviar bar with seasonal accompaniments, including Chesapeake Crab Rolls and Black Beers & Ciders. We also hosted a station with high tea service, pastries, elegant iced teas, and a separate cottage cocktail snack station with a refreshing Frosé. Needless to say, we know how to party!

Outdoor Festivities

Throughout the evening, guests were entertained by multiple music performances by a DJ and a live band. In addition to the live band, singer Ashia B hosted a jam session, adding even more depth to the overall experience. Imagine eating caviar and listening to SWV songs. That’s the exact vibe we were able to create. Our goal was to keep as many elements of the event a surprise as possible so we know that our guests appreciated having outdoor activities like lawn games and a fire pit to have intimate conversations. 

Grand Lawn Dinner

During the main event, guests were invited to the Grand Lawn for a six-course Chesapeake Soul dinner meticulously prepared by Jerome and Padua. Part of the menu featured:

Lavosh Duck Fat & Herb, Cheddar Bay Drop Biscuits, Crackling Cornbread, Smoked Blue Catfish with collard furikake, Black-Eyed Pea Hummus with benne seed oil, and Foie Torchon with stonefruit jam. For dessert, we had Thyme Cake with grilled peaches and crème anglaise (tableside pour), Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream, and our housemade  “Candi” Bar with dark chocolate. Now, mind you, this was a 6-course dinner experience, so we can’t give you the entire menu, but just know if you missed it, you really did miss out.

Are you Coming To The Next One?

Fried Chick’n & Champagne is an evening curated to blend farm-to-table elegance with our vibrant culture seamlessly. The secret location, the top-tier culinary offerings, and the exclusive entertainment created an atmosphere of luxury for our attendees. We are proud to say that we accomplished our mission! The event left everyone with their hearts full and their senses delighted. We can’t wait to announce our next Secret Supper date in September, and of course, we hope to see you there.

Stay tuned for more from our team at Ruby’s.

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